We stock a wide variety of road running cushioned shoes, support shoes, racers, natural running shoes, trail shoes and track/cross-country spikes from the suppliers below, plus our “new boys of the block” ; Newton and Hoka!
We carry many neutral and supportive shoes, so there should be something to suit everyone. However, if you specifically want a model that we don’t usually stock, as long as it is made by one of our suppliers (and currently available in the UK) we can get it for you. We also have some shoes from previous seasons at reduced prices!
Sizes range from UK 3-9 for ladies and 7-14 for men, with half sizes in between and larger width options in some models.
A larger range of children’s shoes than ever before is currently available in-store (from just £28 a pair), from size 13 to 6, plus a full range of spiked racing shoes for track and cross-country for girls, boys and adults.
Hoka logo
We have lots of RUNNING APPAREL to cope with the best and worst of the British weather! Our main clothing suppliers are Asics, Brooks, Ronhill and Mizuno.
We have a wide range of HILLY, 1000 Mile and Mizuno runningSOCKS in all different styles and thicknesses. We also now stock Wackysox – coolmax sports socks in fun designs!
Wackysox multi imageRace Sock
We stock More Mile sports underwear  for men and Pure Lime , Moving Comfort and Thuasne sports bras and underwear for ladies.  We keep hats, caps, visors, gloves, sleeves, compression socks and calf guards, ear-warmers, headbands and sweat-bands available all year round.
We are the Island’s only stockist of PURE LIME ladies sports lingerie; including boxers, G-Strings, hipsters and Compression Bras, plus a range of long and short sleeved seamless tops.
We have a large range of RUNNING ACCESSORIES including:-
Shoe-laces, elastic laces, water bottles (in many styles and sizes), bottle & gel holders, race number holders, armpockets (including “Y-fumbles“), waist-straps, wrist wallets, phone holders, backpacks, hydration packs,water bladders, knee supports & bands, ankle supports & straps, reflective vests, headlamps, Power Lung, Polar heart-rate monitors, Garmin GPS watchesstop-watches, sports watches, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm & 15mm spikes (and spike tools) for track & XC shoes, shoe pockets, iPod sensor pockets, Bodyglide anti-chafe balm, Kinesiology tape, Noene shock-absorber heel pads, Sorbothane insoles (Cush’n’Step, Double-Strike and Sorbo Pros), Jabra running headphones, Ronhill and Ultimate Performance LED attachments and Dynamint muscle rub.
For sports recovery we sell a comprehensive range of massage and self-therapy products, including the More Mile BEAST foam roller, and a range or sticks, balls and spiky things from 66 Fit!
Flexi massage stickMassage roller KitBeast rollerSpikey massage ballsSpikey massage stickTrigger point massage stick
We are the Island’s only stockist of ASPEX sunglasses. Varieties include fixed-lens models, interchangeable lens models (with up to 3 extra pairs of lenses in different shades), polarised models (fixed and interchangeable), photochromatic models and even some with glazeable optical inserts!
We stock a wide range of SIS (Science in Sport) energy products, including:-Energy gels, electrolytes, energy formula, Go-bars and “Rego” rapid recovery formula. All the lines we carry are suitable for vegetarians (and many are vegan friendly too).
go-gel-lge    Go bar bundle
We are also suppliers of NUUN hydration tablets, and currently stock 10 exciting flavours (including “Kona Cola”, “Lemon Tea” and “Cherry-Limeade” with natural caffeine for an extra kick!). Nuun tablets contain the 4 essential electrolytes vital to the healthy function of cells and muscles, with no added colourants, carbs, sugars or sweeteners. All are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Nuun are also the distributors for the Bodyglide range of products.
NEW FOR 2016: Watermelon flavour Nuuns!
Nuun Cherry LimeadeNuun selection        nuun-lemon-lime-tube        Watermelon box
We have recently become stockists of Clif “Shot Bloks” – refreshing energy gel chews which also contain electrolytes. We sell 3 flavours currently – Mountain Berry, Blackcherry and Tropical Punch, and the latter 2 contain caffeine too. They are all suitable for vegans (no gelatine or animal derivitives of any kind) and all scrumptious! We also do CLIF BARS in 3 yummy flavours; oatmeal & walnut, Peanut Butter and Blueberry Crisp!
Shot blok blackcherryShot blok tropical punch            Clif bars peanut butter

2 thoughts on “Products/Services

  1. Paul Rayner

    I have recently taken up running and have entered the Great South Run –

    I would like to get a new pair of running trainers and would welcome some good advice I plan to come in on Saturday this week – is there a good time?

    Paul Rayner

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Paul
    We open at 10:30 on Saturdays (you’ll find us at the Medina IOW parkrun before then!) Do watch out as we can get very busy over the Saturday lunchtime, between about 11:30 and 2:30, so you might have to wait a bit before you’re served.
    It would be best to bring with you whatever you’re currently running in, so we can look at the wear patterns etc, and advise what shoes would be best for you.
    Although you’ll only have a week to go before the Great South Run, as long as you don’t go away in running shoes too radically different from what you currently have, I can’t see a problem with wearing your new pair for the race itself. Just make sure you get a chance next week to put in a couple of runs to get used to the new shoes!
    Hope to see you Saturday morning,

    Kind regards,
    Simon (and Jo)

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