About Us

Love Running is an independent, unique, specialist running shop owned and run by us; Simon and Jo. We are a husband and wife team who are – ourselves – enthusiastic runners.

We have been running for health and pleasure for over a decade, and we opened Love Running in 2011 as there had been no dedicated running shop on the Isle of Wight for a long time, and no-where to go locally for shoes, advice, gait analysis and information. Trips to the mainland for running shoes was proving expensive, whilst our enthusiasm for running increased, and so the seed of “Love Running” germinated and finally became reality!

Great South Run 2011

 As runners for more than a decade, we are always happy to offer the benefit of our own advice, enthusiasm and experience in-store!

Our on-site VIDEO GAIT ANALYSIS SERVICE helps to ensure that you get the right running shoes for your feet, as we believe passionately that the key to safe and efficient running is the right footwear.

With Simon’s diploma in Sports Physiology, Jo’s previous shoe & shop retail experience, and our joint passion for running, we pledge you the best in customer service, a solid understanding of our running shoe range and a top range of genuine, running-orientated products.

We are both vegans, and have ensured that all our products are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans, and runners with lactose/dairy allergies. We do not sell any shoes containing leather and all the Science in Sport energy and nutrition products sold are suitable for vegans (those containing calcium lactate or magnesium lactate are from a non-dairy source), and we do not sell any running socks containing Merino wool or silk.

Please pop in for a chat, for training tips and advice, video gait analysis, replacement shoes or to talk about future races. Entry forms for local races are often available in-store, together with information about local clubs or groups. We offer our company on a short weekly run we organise for novice or beginner runners, and we are also enthusiastic supporters of the weekly parkrun, and can tell you how you can get involved too.

Non-runners, pensioners and people with mobility problems are also welcome, as many of our shoes are also ideal for walking – if you want a lightweight, well cushioned and breathable shoe – or for providing comfort and support to old, sore, troublesome or just overworked feet!  Try them and you’ll see what we mean!

If you love running, or just need a comfortable pair of shoes, we look forward to meeting you!