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  1. Carol Coles

    We are on holiday, at Isle of Wight, from 12 – 24th August and I was wondering if you had any runs booked for that period.


  2. admin Post author

    Hi Carol

    I don’t know if you know about parkrun, but our Medina I.O.W. parkrun takes place at 9am every Saturday of the year, it’s free, and we welcome anyone to come and join us. Please follow the link for more information.

    There are several clubs on the Isle of Wight that would welcome guests; I’m a member of the Isle of Wight Road Runners, and we meet every Thursday evening at 6:45pm at Medina Leisure Centre, Newport, PO30 2DX. You’re very welcome to come and join us. At this time of year we might be covering as far as 7 miles, but more than likely there’ll be a shorter option available too.

    My wife, Jo, has organised a social running group that meet on a Tuesday evening at 6pm in Newport, in the free car park next to Newport Rowing Club, River Way, Newport , PO30 5XH. It’s a very friendly atmosphere, and we all help one another on distances up to around 4 miles; we’d love to see you there!

    If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Kind regards,

    Simon and Jo Randall

  3. David Cornock

    I have a similar but different query to Carol. We’re on holiday near Ventnor from August 1 to 8 and I need to get some training in during the days – unfortunately I can’t run in the evenings so can’t run with the friendly clubs. Are there any decent routes you would recommend? (I’m training for an October marathon and running about 50 mpw). It would be nice to avoid some of the hills I found everywhere last time. Last year we managed to time the holiday with the Ryde half but we’ve not been so fortunate this time!

  4. admin Post author

    Hi David
    My first thought for routes is for you to head to Shanklin, run to Sandown, then pick up the cycle path that runs from Sandown to Newport, with the option of extending the route onto Cowes. This is a very flat cycle path; the first leg to Newport is around 5 miles, and a further 5 onto Cowes. I’ve got used to the hills and so can’t really think of many other options without tackling them, but I’ll put your comment onto Facebook too and see what other folk can come up with.
    Hope you have a great holiday down here and that your marathon training goes well.
    Regards, Simon

  5. Cornock

    Thank you Simon, that sounds like a sensible plan, will try that, much appreciated. I’m sure the hills do me good anyway! David

  6. Emma Pomeroy

    Hi, I did leave a message for the Isle of Wight runners club but nobody has responded!
    I am coming to the island today (24th August) and staying in Colwell bay, I need to run this week whilst away and don’t know the island so ideally would like to run with a club.

    Any suggestions please?
    Emma (Sittingbourne Striders Kent)

  7. Mark Speirs

    Hi Simon/Carol (Love Running)

    We’re a small charity, The Hunger Project getting the word out for a big ultra running event on the Isle of Wight – August 2014, we’re one of the event partner charities.. If you’re able to help us spread the word we’d kindly return the favour.

    It’s a 106km or 56km run, walk, jog or crawl, just never give up!

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/482862981833817/
    Web: http://www.thehungerproject.co.uk/getinvolved/isle-of-wight-challenge/

    Best Mark,
    The Hunger Project
    Empowering People to End Their Own Hunger/Poverty

  8. Hector

    It is a dog’s life: the vet says I am not allowed to come running on Tuesday yet. My Mum is fed up of me chewing my bandage off. She puts honey on the wound which helps it heal faster save that I like licking it! Can’t wait to come running again

  9. Rebecca

    Hi there,

    I would like to get into running… I’m not very fit, is there a beginners club/get together? I see lots of people running/walking near medina school at night (in the winter) . Not too sure what that is about.

    I’m ready to put on my new running shoes !


  10. admin Post author

    Hi Rebecca
    Chances are it’s the Isle of Wight Road Runners you see running close to Medina Leisure Centre, as their club runs on a Thursday night start and finish there. The club is very friendly and will welcome all newcomers.
    If you are relatively new to running though, you are probably better off going to the Love Running Tuesday Nighters. We meet on a Tuesday (strangely enough!), at the Helipad of St Mary’s Hospital in Newport, at around 6:45pm. There’s usually over 70 of us there, and we split into 3 groups according to ability. The beginners walk/run about 2 miles, the intermediate group manage somewhere between 3 to perhaps 3.5 miles, and the main group tend to run 4 to 4.5 miles. We always make sure you have somebody to run with, and the aim of the group is all about supporting one another with our running. If you fancy it, all you have to do is turn up! if you drive, it would help if you make up a little sign to put on your dashboard to say “Love Running Tuesday Night Group”, as we’ve been given permission to park in the hospital’s private car park. The car park is just off Dodnor Lane; if you turn off the dual carriageway to approach B & Q, carry on to the mini roundabout where ITS Hire is on your right. Go straight ahead at this roundabout, passing the ambulance station on your left. There’s one NO ENTRY road on the left before the left turn up a slope for the helipad. My wife, Jo, and I hope to see you there soon!
    Kind regards,
    Simon Randall

  11. Dan

    Hi there,

    I’ll be visiting the Isle of White in a few weeks for about a week, staying near Whitecliff Bay. I’m in the process of training for an ultra marathon, and would like to do a long, all-day run, possibly going taking the coastal path from Whitecliff to Needles. I’ve never been to the island. My questions are: are there places to fill up my water bottles along the way (public restrooms, etc). And is the coastal path well marked?

    Thanks, any advice is welcome!

  12. admin Post author

    Hi Dan
    Really sorry not to have responded sooner.
    Well done on looking to run the coast path! It is reasonably well signed, but it can get a bit confusing where it skirts around towns.
    There are plenty of loos on the way down the east coast, in places like Yaverland, Sandown, Lake, Shanklin and Ventnor (travelling clockwise around the coast). I don’t know if all these loos have fresh water facilities there, but, given that they’re popular tourist beaches, I think you should be in luck.
    The opportunities for water stops from Ventnor onto the Needles are a lot less, as there are very few public beaches (and loos etc) en-route. At journey’s end, Alum Bay, there definitely will be the chance to get water.
    I hope you find this helpful, and that you have a really good holiday on the Isle of Wight.
    Kind regards,

  13. Michael Flood

    Hi Jo
    Just wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance today with some proper running shoes to get me back started on my couch to 5k program. I had to stop a couple of months ago due to a back problem, which is now sorted and you came highly recommended. Your enthusiasm and professionalism made the whole experience very easy.

  14. admin Post author

    What a lovely comment – thank you so much, Michael! Your own enthusiasm and interest made the experience very rewarding for me, and I wish you every success on the fresh start of your 0-5km plan. If there is ever anything more we can do to assist you with warming-up ideas, stretches, longer distance training programmes, routes, groups, nutrition or ANYTHING running related, you know where we are! We also run a free social running group for beginners and novices (the Love Running Tuesday Nighters) so if you ever want to join us you’d be most welcome.
    Kind regards, Jo

  15. Megan


    I ‘ve just read all your kind, helpful support for different runners and visitors to the island. I moved here a few months ago and am getting really concerned at my couch potato attitude. I’m determined to try and get fitter and was wondering whether the Tuesday running club is still taking place?



  16. admin Post author

    Hi Megan
    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.
    Yes, the Love Running Tuesday Nighters group is still going strong! We meet at the Helipad car park round the back of St Mary’s Hospital, every Tuesday evening, at 5:45. We welcome runners of all abilities, and our aim is to support everyone who comes along, to make running a fun and enjoyable experience.
    Hope to see you soon, perhaps even tomorrow night?
    Kind regards,
    Simon (and Jo) Randall

  17. Cam Field

    I am coming to the UK in the next few weeks and I hope to get a weekend free to visit the Isle of Wight for a running holiday.
    I am looking for a 2 day route, of about 15-20 miles per day, preferably offroad but the occasional road is ok, a good spot to overnight in, and good transport from either end to get to and from Portsmouth.
    I have been thinking about doing the coastal path from Yarmouth-Brighstone, then from Brighstone-Sandown.
    Would this be a recommended route for my limited time or are there better sections?
    Thank you for you help,

  18. admin Post author

    Hi Cam

    I’d have to say that you’ve got the choice of routes bang on!
    The coast path from Yarmouth, around the Needles, down to Freshwater Bay and then along to Brighstone is probably the best choice for you, as it’s predominantly off-road and has amazing views, especially from the top of Headon Warren and Tennyson Down. The other option is to cross the spine of the Isle of Wight, so when you get to the Needles Battery in the far west of the Island, to then follow the Tennyson Trail in towards Newport, stay in Newport overnight, then travel out up to St George’s Down, to Arreton, Brading Down and towards Sandown for day two. Yet again there are lots of B&B options in both Newport and Sandown. This breaks down to around 15-18 miles day one, and 12-15 miles day two.
    From Yarmouth to Freshwater Bay is around 10-12 miles, and you should have a good choice of B&Bs to choose from in Freshwater Bay. Likewise, there should be some good places to stay in Brighstone too.
    I’ve attached links to both Visit Isle of Wight to help you with accommodation, and Southern Vectis for bus transport. Wightlink Ferries sail to Yarmouth to start your holiday.
    I hope that helps you, and you have a brilliant time on the Isle of Wight – it truly is an incredible place to run!

  19. Danny Hicks

    Hi, moved to the island two years ago, age 24, in need of social friendship have started running, complete novice, I live in Shanklin, are there any running clubs in my area. thank you. danny

  20. admin Post author

    Hi Danny.
    There are a few groups like the Love Running Tuesday Nighters – http://www.love-running.com/about-us/training-guides-log-08/ and the Isle of Wight Road Runners – http://isleofwightroadrunners.net/ in Newport, or the Ryde Harriers – http://www.rydeharriers.co.uk/(in Ryde, unsurprisingly!)
    There’s also the group, the Godshill Massive, that meet at a variety of locations throughout the week. They very often do a run up Culver Down on a Thursday, which is pretty close to you. They don’t have a website, but instead communicate mostly through Facebook, so look them up if you fancy it.
    It all depends on how far you’re willing to travel, as there are always things going on across the Island, not least the weekly parkrun, which is in Appley Park in Ryde at the moment.
    If you’d like to know more, please don’t hesitate to pop into the shop for a chat some time!

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