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We have a wide variety of shoes for ladies from Asics, Brooks, Hoka, Mizuno, New Balance and Saucony. We stock from a ladies UK 3 to UK 9 (it is even possible to get a ladies 10 in some models!), plus all the half-sizes in between, so your perfect fit is out there waiting for you. There are width fittings available from some brands too, and even a narrower than standard width option from “Brooks”….

We have road shoes, trail shoes, support shoes, racers, spikes and minimal styles, so you can get as much – or as little – cushioning as you need!

 Brooks New BalanceSaucony Asics


We also stock shorts, twin-shorts, tight shorts, capris, full length tights, tracksters, vests, tees, long-sleeved tops, half-zip tops, jackets and gilets. We even have a customisable bespoke online clothing service, so you can chose your Love Running tops in whatever colour takes your fancy!

New tee shirts

In addition, we have possibly the most comfortable and supportive sports bras and underwear you have ever tried! Our sports bras of choice are “Pure Lime” compression bras, and the ultra-supportive and padded “Juno” bra from the Moving Comfort range by Brooks.  When running, even the smallest breasts experience movement within. The sensitive Coopers Ligament can move by up to 4 cm when running, regardless of breast size, so all ladies that run or do other high-impact exercise should consider a supportive bra. Advice and assistance is available in-store from Jo, so pop in if you want to chat about your needs – don’t be embarrassed as it is something all us ladies need to get right.

Juno braJuno bra pinkPure Lime boxersComp bra black

19 thoughts on “Womens shoes & clothes

  1. Gill Standley

    Hiya Love Running,
    do you stock ladies, size 7.5
    Brookes Adrenaline GTS 13 or 14, in black?
    If so, please could you also tell me how much they are please 😉

  2. admin Post author

    Hi Gill

    The GTS 14’s in black aren’t available at the moment, but I’ve asked Brooks if we can get hold of any GTS 13’s, which would cost £99.

    I’ll update you as soon as I have any more news, and thanks for asking!


  3. CAROL

    Hi Are you still in Newport. I was there last week and I cant remember seeing your shop. Just wanted to check before I come over tomorrow.

  4. admin Post author

    Hi Carol

    I’m pleased to say that we’re still here!
    As we’re away from the high street, you probably didn’t venture out far enough to find us; if you get to the T junction where McDonalds is, turn left (Upper St James Street). Keep going along this road, past the Wight Mountain cycle shop on your left, and you’ll find us a few more doors along after this. We’re next door to the Spar shop, and opposite Forget me Not.
    Hope to see you later on!

  5. Sam

    Hi I am doing a bit of park run so would like a shoe that has some grip and is ok to use on the paths/road too. I am size 3. Would you have anything suitable?

  6. admin Post author

    Hi Sam
    We have some size 3 1/2 trail shoes in stock at the moment, and can order in size 3 if you need it.
    These will all have the extra grip to really help you around the parkrun mud whilst also being suitable for the paths too!
    Hope to see you shortly,
    Kind regards,
    Simon (and Jo)

  7. Vicky

    I need to buy some running shoes for long trail runs and wondered which models you would recommend. I have used Brooks before. I also want to try and find some full-length running pants and a bra.

    The thing is that I can’t come in for a fitting, can you ship to Chile?

  8. admin Post author

    Hi Vicky

    The models of trail shoes we currently stock are the Brooks Cascadia, Brooks Pure Grit, Saucony Excursion TR7 and Asics Fuji Trainer. They all offer something slightly different, but all make excellent off road shoes. We have a full range of sizes of Ronhill Pursuit running tights, and Pure Lime compression sports bras.
    We don’t do web sales simply because we believe people should always try before they buy, especially for running shoes and bras.
    If you really know what model of shoe you want, and what size, and the same would apply to the running pants and bra, we might be able to ship to you. We’d have to ask for payment in advance, and not be able to offer any returns. We’d also have to charge the shipping costs, which I’d have to look into beforehand.
    If you’re still interested, please have a think as to what sizes you require in what model of shoe/bra/running pant.
    Kind regards,

  9. Vicky

    Hi Simon,

    Great many thanks for your reply. I currently have Brooks Ghost 4 size 7 but need a size bigger. I am happy to stick with Brooks especially as I won’t be able to try them on.
    I had a look at the pure lime website and wondered which sports bras you have in stock there. If you could let me know that would be great.
    No problem about the delivery payment and I have a UK bank account (I am English) so I can transfer the money to your account once I know the full amount. If you like we can do all the details by email. The only hope is that you don’t send by Fedex as their charges are astronomical! Any other courier is fine.
    Kindest regards and thanks

  10. Vicky

    Having looked at the Pure Grit, I think those would be the ones I would want to go for, in size 7.5. Hopefully you have them in stock!

  11. admin Post author

    Hi Vicky
    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you – it’s proving to be a bit hectic at the moment with plenty going for us!
    We stock the Pure Lime Compression Bra in black or white, in sizes from a 30A to a 42GG.
    I’ll respond to your next message on our website now, and then it might be best if you use our email address – simon@love-running.com – to sort out the order.
    Thanks for your interest in our shop!

  12. admin Post author

    Hi Vicky
    Do you mean a UK size 7.5 or a US size 7.5, as I’m glad to say we’ve got both!

  13. admin Post author

    Hi Vicky
    As you’ll see, your last two messages have been received!
    Out of interest, where did you hear about us?

  14. admin Post author

    Hi Charlotte
    Sorry for the delay in responding to you.
    I’m afraid that Asics don’t currently have any stock of the GT-1000 in black.
    The colours we can order are:- pink, blue or light blue.
    The GT-2000 is available in black, but yet again, Asics don’t have any stock in size 6 (plenty of 5.5, unfortunately).
    Please let me know if I can be of any further help.
    Kind regards,

  15. Ellen

    Hello! I’m moving back to the island on the 27th August, I’ve not been running for a while however I’m desperate to get back at it! I was just wondering if you have the facilities to fit the shoe properly to my feet! I sometimes get cramp on the outside of my left foot!

  16. admin Post author

    Hi Ellen
    I’m so sorry, but your message has only just appeared on our website!
    I hope your move back to the Isle of Wight went well, and that you’re settled in now.
    We offer video gait analysis in our shop, to help ensure our customers end up in the shoes best suited to their running style.
    We also have more running clothing and accessories than you can shake a stick at, and a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm. If there’s a running event going on, we’ll know about it, so don’t hesitate to come in and find what’s happening.
    My wife, Jo, and I hope to see you in the shop shortly.
    Kind regards,

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