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52 Upper St James Street, Newport, IOW, PO30 1LQ next door to the Central (was Spar) shop

Phone: (01983) 718191

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10 thoughts on “Find/Contact Us

  1. jeremy coker

    Hi, i’m looking to replace my old trainers with the Brooks Glycerin (9 or 10) size 10.5/11. Do you have these in stock?


  2. roger

    Hi Jo, Simon. My apologies but i have not been able to download the photos of last weeks Park Run yet. Have problems understanding how to do it. Sorrey about that. Could I email photos to you. I am in Falmout, Cornwall at the moment and the running the Coastal Paths every day. Last weeks new forest 10 was a struggle in the heat but still enjoyed it. Hope to see you both soon as I will be back on the IOW end of next week.

    Regards Roger.

  3. Denise Hayles

    Hi Jo

    Enjoyed my first run with your group last night even in the rain! Hope to join you again in the new year. Please let me know venue time etc.
    Hope to get to see your shop some time – I can never get there when you are open as often work Saturdays but hope to have a few days free weekends January.
    Thanks. Denise

  4. Justin Noons

    Hello, Im coming to stay at Rookley shortly and looking for advice on some morning runs from the Hoseasons park – anything from 5-10 miles would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Justin

  5. Hector

    Thankyou everyone for your support for Dog of the Year award. I am now the proud holder of a certificate/award as Finalist with a “goodie bag”. I will let you share it with me on Tuesday!
    Love and licks

  6. Joe napier

    Hi I was wondering how I become an elite runner in events, I’ve just taken part in the great south run and spoke to a few people who say you need to be able to do 10k in under 40 mins which I can do.

  7. admin Post author

    Hi Joe
    I think, what you’re asking is “How do I get myself at the front of races, like the Great South Run?”
    The very front line of the GSR is for the world’s elite racers who have proven themselves to be fast enough in other races in the past. This is a very select group in which you’ll find the best runners in the world, together with the top 10-20 runners from the UK.
    Just behind them are the fast club runners. These places are for people who are just off the pace of the elites; for the GSR this means being able to complete the race in something like 50 minutes to 1 hour. When entering the GSR, you state your predicted time, and this will determine if you’re put into the Fast Club Runner Start. Just behind them is the Orange Wave start, at the front of the mass wave start.
    Most races apply the same criteria as the GSR, and will place runners on the start line depending on their predicted finishing times.
    If you’re wondering how to be able to become one of the world’s elite runners, there’s no shortcut other than to work very, very hard for it. Finding a coach to help you reach the top level is a very good idea, and simply joining a running club will push you faster and faster, and draw nearer to some of those top race times.
    If you’d like more information on joining a club on the Isle of Wight, please call into the Love Running shop and we can discuss things further.
    And well done on achieving your sub 70 minute time at the Great South Run!
    Kind regards,

  8. Joe napier

    Thankyou for replying to my message, your info has been helpful, I am very interested in joining a running club on the island, I think I can achieve a good time if I train which I didn’t for the GSR, I will have to pop in to your shop and have a chat. Thanks again.

  9. Jo Booth

    I am new to running/ exercising and would like to get fitted for some trainers. You have been recommend by a couple of people at work and would like to pop in tomorrow afternoon if possible, do I need to book?
    Many thanks

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