Spot The Song 2016 T&C

Spot The Song Competition 2016: Terms & Conditions

  1. Only one entry per household
  2. Entry forms are to be placed into one of the two official posting boxes (one found at Love Running and the other at the County Press offices)
  3. Forms must be received by the closing time/date shown on the form. Any forms received after this date will not be counted
  4. The form with the most correct answers wins, but if more than one form has the same number of correct answers they will go into a draw for the prizes
  5. Entry forms need to have the contact information supplied clearly and as required on the form. Incomplete or illegible forms will be disregarded
  6. Prizes will be collected from the County Press office during a presentation after Christmas. Prizes cannot be posted
  7. Only the song TITLES are required! We do not need any information regarding performers, dates or provenance – just the official title of the song/carol please!
  8. The answer list will only be available to retailers and the public after the competition has closed, so please don’t hassle shop-keepers for the answers or a clue.. they will know as much as you do as whilst the competition is underway! The final answer list will be available on this website.
  9. Whilst song titles must be correct – we do make allowances for simple word errors, and do not judge on spelling – unless it comes to a tie!
  10. Have fun and enjoy seeing all the local shops! That’s what it is all about!